September 9 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By September 8, 2019 Insight

1. Groovy! Vinyl records will soon outsell CDs for first time since 1986

  • 1986, the year when top-selling albums included Madonna’s True Blue, Bon Jovi’s Slippery When Wet, and the Top Gun soundtrack
  • Vinyl records earned $224.1 million over the first six months of 2019, selling 8.6 million units. CDs earned $247.9 million, selling 18.6 million units…last year’s RIAA report shows CD sales are declining three times as fast as vinyl sales are growing.
  • Streaming remains the most popular way to consume music, accounting for 80% of industry revenues, and growing 26%, to $4.3 billion, for the first half of 2019

2. How to untap the full potential: An integrated—not isolated—view on cost

  • In times when there is little growth to be had in many consumer goods markets and categories, continuous optimization in the fields of procurement, manufacturing, logistics, and planning are among the most important sources of value creation
  • For logistics, greater variety primarily means increased inventory and, in turn, growing warehousing costs. In contrast, manufacturing chisels away at the design of their production networks in a bid to keep total costs within reason and to manage processes better.
  • Leading manufacturers pursue a combination of function-specific and cross-functional improvement levers—and generate up to 40 percent higher cost effects

3.  The Next Decade Of Software Spending: A Paradox

  • From 2020 until 2030, Forrester estimates that global software spending by businesses will climb from $920 billion to north of $1.3 trillion
  • Software will continue to spread, mediating, recording, and enabling more users, transactions, products, and business activities
  • increasing amount of software embedded in the physical world around us…from buildings and highways to doorbells and watches will be configured with software smarts

4. HopSkipDrive launches ‘Uber for kids’ service in Seattle

  • connects parents with vetted drivers to ferry their kids around…provides an Uber-like transportation model with additional safety features for children
  • Kids and drivers receive a code word to ensure it’s the right car and parents are able to monitor the ride using the app
  • startup was founded by a group of moms struggling to get their kids to school and their various activities

5. What’s Driving The Digital Banking Boom In Latin America

  • According to Visual Capitalists, the business opportunity that the unbanked sector represents in Latin America is estimated at $34 billion
  • With more than 8.5 million customers, Nubank is now the largest digital bank outside of Asia…also the highest-valued, private digital bank in the world
  • In Latin America, mobile banking can help reach SMBs in rural areas, or simply provide them with a better way to access financial services without the need to queue up at a physical bank