September 5 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By September 4, 2019 Insight

1. The Five Most Interesting Risk Factors Of 2019’s IPOs

  • One of the requirements of an S-1 filing are “Risk Factors.”…the company has to sit down, be humble, and acknowledge its weaknesses
  • In its S-1, Beyond Meat said it relied on only one pea protein supplier (another risk), but since then it’s brought on a second supplier
  • Peloton…was hit with a $150 million lawsuit by a group of music publishers…alleged that Peloton used thousands of songs without permission to stream on its $1,995 bike

2. Mastercard Joins the Marco Polo Network To Advance Global Trade Through Optimized Financing

  • The network – and its over 25 member banks – are working to unlock what the World Trade Organization has identified as a potential $1.5 trillion opportunity in global trade finance
  • Mastercard Track unifies access to business identity information through a secure, permissioned repository of more than 210 million registered entities worldwide…reduces the time it takes for businesses to identify, vet and onboard new trading partners – and simplifies the end-to-end payment process
  • Better and faster access to critical information will work as a catalyst for businesses using the Marco Polo network – which is powered by the trusted Corda blockchain technology from enterprise software company R3 – to tap into working capital provided by global financial institutions

3.  Oracle Lets Blockchain Tech Firm Hydrogen Into Its Cloud Marketplace

  • New York-based Hydrogen’s APIs are now available to nearly half a million Oracle customers to develop applications for banking, investing, savings, insurance and wellness
  • Subscribers can build multiple systems from the firm’s APIs, including its Hydrogen Molecule product…which can be used for customer identification, cross-border money transfers, and tokenizing securities. Molecule is built on top of Hyrdo, which in turn is built on top of ethereum
  • its technology can simplify the creation of lending and financial services that run on blockchains, known as decentralized finance or DeFi

4. Bjork’s VR album is finally ready

  • artist is releasing the complete version of Vulnicura VR through Steam on September 6th, giving PC owners a single place to experience 360-degree visuals available in the digital museum collection and beyond
  • The release is a reflection of how much VR tech has matured since 2015…PC VR still isn’t cheap, but it’s much more accessible and has widely available platforms like Steam
  • VR served as an artistic medium that could venture beyond what audio or a conventional music video might accomplish

5. Danish researchers develop artificial intelligence to expose stock-market fraud

  • no one knows the extent of stock-market fraud globally, but the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), has estimated that, in the US alone, the problem amounts to between USD 10-40 billion a year
  • project will design entirely new methods which, using machine learning, will be able to conduct systematic analyses of stock-exchange activity, recognise irregular transactions, and identify patterns in share-price data
  • will make it possible to detect, and even predict, market manipulation in share trading across the entire world