September 26 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By September 26, 2019 Insight

1. Five Ways Fintech Startups Can Find Customers

  • Today, customer acquisition is harder than ever—research suggests that more than half of US smartphone users download zero new apps per month…if you’re waiting to develop a distribution strategy until after your product is built, you’re likely already too late
  • Get bundled into payroll…Services like earned wage advances and robo-saving can now be seamlessly integrated into the flow of payroll…Beyond creating a built-in customer base, this model also makes it less risky to extend loans
  • Embed with employers…This is a spin on B2B2C: you sell your service to a business, gaining that business’s customers as your own in the process

2. Ford begins testing autonomous cars in Austin

  • expanding its autonomous vehicle program in collaboration with Argo AI to the Texas city, its third deployment after Miami-Dade County and Washington, D.C
  • Argo AI president Peter Rander notes that the city has more scooter activity than the automaker has encountered in cities it’s currently testing in
  • As recently as April, Ford said it planned to deploy upwards of 100 autonomous cars by the end of 2019

3.  How AI Is Helping Companies Break Silos

  • When adopted appropriately, new tools — powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics — can transform the ways in which employees communicate, collaborate, and coordinate their workflows
  • Pharmaceuticals, for instance, are not routed via the desert, as extreme temperatures can affect the potency of certain medications, and NPT also considers the potential for congestion during peak holiday seasons
  • company’s BD HealthSight Diversion Management Analytics application is designed to help hospitals and health systems improve their medication management processes at a time when addiction to prescription narcotics

4. Here’s everything Oculus just announced

  • Facebook Horizon: “A New Social VR World”…“the first step into an ever-expanding world of connection and exploration where anything becomes possible.”
  • Oculus Quest Upgrades…doesn’t require dangling cords and a honking gaming PC…will bring hand tracking to the device
  • Later this year, Oculus says it will come out with its own optical fiber cable “to provide a best-in-class experience with maximum throughput to run Rift content and enough length so you can move easily in VR.”

5. Hyperconverged systems revenues reached $1.8 billion in Q2

  • Global converged systems market revenue increased almost 11% year over year to just shy of $4 billion during the second quarter of 2019
  • Revenues from hyperconverged systems sales grew 23.7% year over year during 2Q19, generating $1.8 billion-worth of sales
  • Modern converged solutions are driving growth because they allow organisations to leverage standardised, software-defined, and highly automated data centre infrastructure that is increasingly the on-premises backbone of a seamless multi-cloud world