September 25 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By September 25, 2019 Insight

1. The State Of Women’s Health In 2030

  • Apple plans on conducting a long-term study with NIH & Harvard that will use the data captured from its Apple Watch to better understand key women’s reproductive health concerns — many of which continue to elude providers
  • D2C telehealth company Ro launched its menopause-focused brand Rory earlier this year, while connected devices such as Nuvo’s sensor brand allows remote monitoring of maternal & fetal health
  • P&G made headlines when it acquired the organic period care brand This is L…for a rumored amount of $100M

2. Tracking the sources of robust payments growth

  • global payments…Global revenue reached $1.9 trillion in 2018, reflecting 6 percent growth…the composition and dynamics of payments revenue vary dramatically by region, necessitating a disaggregated geographical assessment
  • In North America, payments revenues have been growing two to three percentage points faster than GDP has for the past four years because of a combination of interest-margin expansion and rapid transaction growth
  • By segment, global payments revenues in 2018 were split close to equally between retail ($1.02 trillion) and corporate ($930 billion)—similar to the distributions of the past few years

3.  AI with Appeal: Banana Farmers Spot Crop Disease, Pests with Deep Learning

  • Trained using NVIDIA GPU technology, the convolutional neural networks behind Tumaini achieve around 90 percent accuracy in detecting five common banana diseases and one pest
  • dataset was used to train six different neural networks, each analyzing images from a different part of the banana plant… farmers using the Tumaini app can take pictures of multiple parts of a diseased crop, like the leaf and the fruit, to double-check the results of the AI model
  • By combining this remote data with GPS-tagged ground images from farmers using the app, the researchers can develop crop surveillance tools that monitor the global health of banana plants and alert local farming communities about outbreaks

4. The Future Of Creative Agencies Requires Taking A Human + Machine Leap

  • Agency data and technology capabilities are taking center stage as every CMO feels the mounting pressure for more performance from their marketing and media investments
  • Agencies are betting heavily on data and building audience activation platforms to deliver growth, efficiency, and scale
  • Position the agency data platform as the red thread of customer insight to organize the objectives, strategies, tactics, and evaluation

5. Tencent, Fidelity Back $20 Million Round for Blockchain Firm Everledger

  • set out as a platform using blockchain to verify the authenticity of diamonds, and his since expanded to other areas where provenance and transparency are of key importance such as minerals, luxury goods wine and art
  • will launch a WeChat Mini Program for blockchain-tracked diamonds…service is aimed to enable WeChat users to “buy jewellery with more transparency and security,”
  • Discussing the reasons for backing the blockchain firm, Tencent chief strategy officer James Mitchell said, “Everledger’s application of blockchain technology enhances value to consumers and reduces risks for businesses across the industry.”