September 19 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By September 19, 2019 Insight

1. Coffee Industry Taps IBM Blockchain Solution to Track Supply Chain

  • Farmer Connect…teamed up with the world’s top coffee firms such as Jacobs Douwe Egberts and Smucker’s to apply blockchain to coffee supply chain tracking
  • worked with IBM to build the “Thank My Farmer” app, which provides consumers with detailed data about coffee products, including origin and pricing
  • blockchain-powered approach aims to support everyone in the industry’s ecosystem, and both farmers and consumers are expected to benefit from transparent connectivity

2. Google is bringing Assistant to people without internet access

  • tested the phone line service with thousands of users across Lucknow and Kanpur before making it generally available
  • India has emerged as one of the last great growth markets for Silicon Valley companies that are looking to find their next billion users worldwide
  • Google said today that Hindi had already become the second most popular language for its digital assistant service

3.  How Data Analytics Can Drive Innovation

  • Even in the realms of art and music, for first time AI analytics is creating art that people are willing to buy and music that people are willing to hear
  • if you look at innovation statistics, economists have documented that we have been spending more and more money per capita on research, but we are actually having a decline in the rate of innovation we’re generating
  • analytics can really drive the creation of recombinations, or combining a diverse set of existing technologies in a new way

4. Tata Motors is asking startups for blockchain enabled solutions for the automotive industry

  • Through the program, Tata Motors is calling for blockchain enabled solutions in automotive, parking marketplace, NLP native chatbot, demand
  • In the current age of uncertainty and speed of change, the above effort of sourcing solutions will need to be driven both through in-house initiatives as well as collaborating with external partners
  • In June last year, the company had made its first startup acquisition by buying a 26% stake in logistics startup TruckEasy, which works like an Uber for trucks

5. Innovation in CPG Packaging: 3 Key Trends To Watch

  • Reducing product volume, enhancing brand engagement, and collecting data for consumer insights are among the most talked about innovations changing how goods are packaged
  • The goal is to lower shipping costs,  communicate value, increase operational transparency, and drive product decisions
  • CPG and packaging companies are leveraging developments in internet-of-things/smart devices space to explore connected (or smart) packaging…example is Walmart’s patent for a smart tag which can monitor when products are consumed and help with predictive replenishment