September 13 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By September 12, 2019 Insight

1. Santander Settles Both Sides of a $20 Million Bond Trade on Ethereum

  • the company not only used a token on ethereum to represent the $20 million debt issuance but settled it with another set of ERC-20 tokens representing cash held in a custody account
  • tokenized cash was held “in escrow in a smart contract on the public ethereum blockchain, until the issuer had underwritten the transaction and instructed the blockchain to perform the delivery versus payment,” at which point the cash and bonds were swapped “simultaneously and irrevocably.”
  • “The Santander execution is the first truly digital front to back execution process, which securely uses relevant data to tokenize both the assets and cash to enable on-chain settlement and coupon payments

2. Apple Puts the Promise of Health Innovation in the Hands of Consumers

  • research builds from data shared by Apple customers using iPhones and Apple watches…Apple is empowering consumers with more control over their health data and how they want it to be used—essentially putting the customer in charge
  • Through the FHIR based API customers can already create an aggregated view of their health including medical and remote monitoring information
  • by learning what patterns in mobility lead to a fall or hospitalization, we can intervene early through a virtual care visit and keep the individual out of the emergency room

3.  From CryptoKitties To Cardi B: Warner Music Joins $11 Million Investment In Ethereum Replacement

  • Warner Music’s blockchain team will work with Dapper Labs to create digital assets using a new public blockchain revealed today
  • capable of handling transaction volumes many times more than ethereum, even while expanding on a number of the company’s other blockchain projects
  • rapidly escalating competition to build economies that blur the line between digital assets and the real world, and the virtual world and real assets

4. 3D printing plays role in New York Fashion week, eyes customization

  • Using a Stratasys J750 PolyJet printer, designers were able to add polymers to textiles…aim is to develop the fashion market and enable more than 500,000 combinations of colors, textures and transparencies
  • For the fashion industry, 3D printing can enable a new level of customization…example, one dress from the collection used Stratasys hardware to print fish scale-sized cells made of photopolymers printed directly on polyester
  • A single 3D printer can replace manufacturing processes and machines to save cost and time while creating a real-time supply chain

5. Google’s AR ‘save button’ would let you post digital notes on real world

  • While augmented reality overlays digital objects on the real world, Cloud Anchors enables things like multiplay games where people see and interact with AR objects simultaneously
  • Imagine working together on a redesign of your home throughout the year, leaving AR notes for your friends around an amusement park, or hiding AR objects at specific places around the world to be discovered by others
  • By enabling a “save button” for AR, we’re taking an important step toward bridging the digital and physical worlds to expand the ways AR can be useful in our day-to-day lives