September 10 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By September 10, 2019 Insight

1. Daimler brings driverless truck tests to public roads in Virginia

  • begun testing autonomous trucks on Virginia highways in partnership with Torc Robotics, the startup it recently agreed to acquire a majority stake in
  • plenty in the way of competition, including Thor Trucks,, TuSimple, and Aurora — the last of which attracted a $530 million investment in February at a valuation of over $2 billion
  • autonomous vehicle industry is predicted to reach 6,700 units globally, totaling $54.23 billion this year, and it stands to save the logistics and shipping industry $70 billion annually while boosting productivity by 30%

2. Three People-Centered Design Principles for Deep Learning

  • As organizations begin adopting deep learning, leadership must ensure that artificial neural networks are accurate and precise because poorly tuned networks can affect business decisions and potentially hurt customers, products, and services
  • In this case of a deep learning initiative, people should understand what deep learning is, the way it works to include how data sets are used to tune algorithms, and how deep learning may affect their work
  • Data advocates are responsible for ensuring the data sets are both appropriate for the questions being asked of any artificial neural network and sufficiently diverse for optimal tuning

3.  Uber Freight HQ opens in Chicago

  • launched in May 2017, is the company’s grab at the $8.1 trillion global logistics transport industry…connects carriers and drivers with companies that need to move cargo, and it’s off to a promising start
  • remains one of its “fastest-growing and most promising businesses.”…last 27 months, Freight has scaled to over 400,000 drivers across the U.S. and Europe (up from 30,000 carriers in February) and more than 1,000 shipping customers
  • Roughly 80% of all cargo in the United States is transported by the 7.1 million people who drive flatbed trailers, dry vans, and other heavy lifters for the country’s 1.3 million trucking companies…industry that’s forecast to grow 75% by 2026

4. Daimler and Geely back Volocopter to help launch its flying taxi service

  • hopes to have autonomous air taxis in the sky within five years, and one step on the path to achieving that is securing that all-important investment money
  • backed by Geely, the Chinese automotive group which manufactures Volvo and Lotus cars as well as London’s electric black cabs
  • Given its reveal last month of its fourth-generation eVTOL, or electric take-off and landing aircraft, it may well be able to meet its goal and begin trials in Singapore later this year

5. DHL expands Africa eShop online retail app to 34 countries

  • went live with the digital retail app in April, bringing more than 200 U.S. and U.K. sellers — from Neiman Marcus to Carters — online to African consumers
  • Payment methods include local fintech options, such as Nigeria’s Paga and Kenya’s M-Pesa…leverages the shipping giant’s existing delivery structure on the continent
  • brewing business debate on which platform is best positioned to capture a larger share of a projected $2.1 trillion in consumer spending (10% online) expected in Africa by 2025