Rokk3r Update: September 30

By September 30, 2020 Insight

Rokk3r’s global idea-to-exit ecosystem is enabling innovation and economic growth as the world battles multiple uncertainties. I’m sharing a few notes from around the ecosystem:

  1. AI Venture Builder, our dedicated artificial intelligence micro portfolio vehicle has raised additional funding to progress its companies through the cobuilding process. From serving over 1 million Shopify merchants via Graphpath, to serving the projected 12B insurance fraud detection market via, to easing a no-turning-back work from home enterprise shift through knowledge management company Ontogen, we are proud to deliver value creation in the AI vertical through these 3 outstanding companies.
  2. SoStereo worked with Budlight to help them find the right music for a new product campaign. This time, SoStereo connected Budlight with a track called “Wanna Shine” by James Lindsey featuring Otis Junior. SoStereo helps brands find music that takes creative to the next level. Their mission is to share the power of unreal music by real artists with other creative professionals, and to make it affordable and available on demand.
  3. Our Spanish-language entrepreneurship course welcomed close to 300 new students last week. Learn more by visiting the Spanish course page here, and take a look at the course in English here.
  4. Additional learning inspiration from around the ecosystem:
    • Blockchain-as-a-Service company Beriblock shared insight into blockchain’s impact to the legal industry through an excellent video that you can watch here. Missed my spotlight on portfolio company Beriblock? Read what I wrote about the company here.
    • Carglogik is a modern, web-based SaaS platform that helps independent freight forwarders and their shippers/customers stay better in sync, improve operations and more. Cargologik Co-founder Miles Varghese discusses the state of logistics startups today. Read it here. Missed my spotlight on portfolio company Cargologik? Read what I wrote about the company here.
    • WeeCompany CEO Jesús Hernández spoke at Johnson & Johnson’s “Digital Care: Telemedicine in Practice” webinar to outline the importance of technology in healthcare, and the development and benefits of Telemedicine. Watch it here.

Rokk3r’s path continues to be informed by our massive transformative purpose: harnessing the global collective genius to cobuild companies that change the world.

Nabyl Charania
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Rokk3r
Founding Partner and General Partner, Fuel Venture Capital