Rokk3r Summary: September 7, 2020

By September 7, 2020 Insight

The Rokk3r ecosystem continues to drive strong momentum. Here are a few highlights as a new week kicks-off: 

  1. Portfolio company Graphpath, which puts artificial intelligence on autopilot for ecommerce store owners, launched last week. Graphpath uses AI to provide personalized customer experience, optimized recommendations and predictive insights. Here’s my brief overview on Graphpath as the first company out of our Artificial Intelligence Venture Builder. 
  2. Portfolio company AdMobilize, the world’s top intelligence platform for outdoor advertising has partnered with Seneca to deliver plug & play measurement solutions at scale for global clients. 
  3. Portfolio company SoStereo helps brands use music more effectively. One of those brands is Ralph Lauren. Congratulations to SoStereo for being part of the first-of-its-kind Ralph Lauren Bitmoji apparel collection campaign
  4. Fintech and Legaltech portfolio company Beriblock received special mention in a mapping of legaltech companies in Colombia. Beriblock provides document custody, certification, management and anti-fraud solutions on the blockchain, and was identified as a special mention legaltech company
  5. Co-Founder Miles Varghese of portfolio company Cargologik, a modern, web-based SaaS platform that helps independent freight forwarders and their shippers/customers stay better in sync, improve operations and more, shares 3 reasons freight forwarding platforms improve resiliency. 
  6. AI-driven fashion styling platform BestLook continues to provide inspiration to help users complete their wardrobes. 
  7. Rokk3r Insurtech Managing Director Hilario Itriago spoke on the future of insurance and the role of insurtech at the “100% Seguros” conference. 
  8. Proptech and Insurtech portfolio company LIKK Technologies develops smart IoT and data-enabled safety solutions that monitor, alert and respond to water leaks. They’ve partnered with Telefonica to deploy LIKK technologies using Telefonica IoT wireless access.  
  9. Boxx Insurance shares insights into healthcare hacking threats, and their Cyberboxx security, education and insurance solution in keeping patient data secure and operations running smoothly. 
  10. Leverbox describes their real-time, end-to-end care platform supporting insurers as they manage the claims process. 
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  12. Rokk3r’s Lorenzo de Leo and Andrea Arnau (Investor, Shark Tank Colombia and Shark Tank Mexico) discuss 5 ways to turn an idea into a business.  

Congratulations to the entire Rokk3r ecosystem for another excellent week of added value, innovation and perseverance. 

Nabyl Charania
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Rokk3r
Founding Partner and General Partner, Fuel Venture Capital