Rokk3r Summary: August 31, 2020

By August 30, 2020 Insight

Sharing a few highlights from another week of extraordinary achievements at Rokk3r: 

  1. Rokk3r’s world-class Insurtech practice headed by Hilario Itriago and Pablo Duarte is delivering Telemedicine services through Global Excel Management to Insurance and Assistance companies, and other organizations interested in delivering remote medicine capabilities to their customers and workforce.
  2. Founders across our ventures continue to elevate and build momentum across the board, including Uniko as they welcomed Sears Mexico to their fintech platform in an exciting partnership. Congratulations Tere & the Uniko team!  
  3. Adding to Rokk3r’s Spanish language entrepreneurship education offerings for execs and individuals, we launched our Spanish language Instagram account increasing avenues of connection and communication. 
  4. My partner at Rokk3r Juan Montoya wrote about distinguishing between innovation and digital transformation for Revista Empresarial y Laboral: “Es común que los dos términos que mejor abarcan las necesidades de cambio organizacional: transformación digital e innovación, se confundan o con mucha frecuencia se utilicen como términos intercambiables, cuando no lo son.”

Congratulations to the entire Rokk3r ecosystem for its continued, weekly drive towards exponential growth and a commitment to global scaling.

Nabyl Charania
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Rokk3r
Founding Partner and General Partner, Fuel Venture Capital