Rokk3r Summary: August 24, 2020

By August 25, 2020 Insight

What an extraordinary week at Rokk3r! Here’s a selection of achievements I wanted to share:

  1. Proud of Founders across our ventures showing remarkable resilience. 3 highlights: Congrats Beto, Salo & SoStereo for the Smirnoff campaign. Congrats Rodolfo & AdMobilize on an industry-first partnership with LiveDOOH to report on OOH industry campaigns. Good luck Miles, Luis & Cargologik for the go-live bringing data intelligence to logistics and freight forwarding.
  2. AI Venture Builder, our industry-first, AI-specific venture builder investment vehicle, launched GraphPath’s online presence. GraphPath’s Artificial Intelligence-driven predictive customer insights from existing data is game-changing.
  3. Within Insurtech, we’re supporting WeCover’s LATAM scaling, announced LIKK’s partnership with Westhill and supported commercial dev efforts for portfolio companies. Hilario and Pablo are leading a globally recognized Insurtech practice.
  4. Our corporate exec and individual entrepreneurial education offerings in Spanish & English had incredible growth. We signed a partnership with ASEA, the largest association of entrepreneurs in Argentina (35K members), and partnered with a massive open online course platform (14M+ users) to host our offerings.

Continued congratulations to the Rokk3r ecosystem for demonstrating determination in the face of unprecedented, intersecting global obstacles. Undeniably, more to come!

Nabyl Charania
Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Rokk3r
General and Founding Partner, Fuel Venture Capital