Portfolio Company GraphPath – The ecommerce revolution is here

By September 2, 2020 Insight

Artificial Intelligence is expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. It’s a game changer. That’s why we launched the AI Venture Builder (AI VB) at Rokk3r to create innovative AI companies. GraphPath is the first company we are launching out of the AI VB. The pandemic has accelerated the shift from physical stores to digital shopping by 5 years, and will result in e-commerce sales having its largest increase in sales of all time. In the US alone, e-commerce penetration has achieved 10 years of growth in 3 months. GraphPath will help sellers optimize and get ahead during this crucial moment. 

Graphpath uses AI to provide personalized customer experience, optimized recommendations and predictive insights.  Its AI on autopilot for e-commerce store owners.  Graphpath launches this week and customers can join the waitlist at graphpath.ai 

With the e-commerce revolution already underway, and AI for the retail market projected to hit almost $170B by 2025, Graphpath is ready to solve a major gap by providing enterprise level tools and data to e-commerce store owners.

Nabyl Charania
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Rokk3r
Founding Partner and General Partner, Fuel Venture Capital