Portfolio Company Cargologik – Freight Forwarding & Logistics

By August 27, 2020 Insight

We know that for the past almost 200 years, increased trade volumes have decreased transport costs as economies of scale have come into play. Still, companies who make the world move are overwhelmingly archaic in their infrastructure. As a quick example, we know that “50% of the US’ largest importers still use spreadsheets to manage their complex international supply chain”

Freight Forwarding & Logistics may not sound like “sexy” industries A-list celebs are trying to connect with (to their own detriment, in my opinion). But long story short, without it, the world stops. Period. So when I look to industries ripe for change because of tech advances, changing end-consumer culture and more, Freight Forwarding and Logistics fits the bill. Since 2014 funding in logistics startups has grown 75%+ CAGR, and the freight forwarding global market will reach 180B USD.

At Rokk3r, we saw the opportunity and partnered with 3rd generation shipping company Grupo Holco to launch Cargologik – a modern, web-based SaaS platform that helps independent freight forwarders and their shippers/customers stay better in sync, improve operations and more.

At the helm are Co-Founders Miles J. Varghese and Luis F. Trujillo Jr. Miles and Luis have proven, pioneering SAAS expertise within the industry and deep domain knowledge. Miles led go-to-market at Octopi, which was acquired by Navis.com in under 2.5 years. Luis Jr. started working in the Grupo Holco family warehouse at the age of 12. Together, they’re leading Cargologik to help independent freight forwarders and brokers:

  1. win and retain more loyal business with a differentiated and affordable digital customer experience
  2. reduce overhead cost and redundant time-consuming communication (Whatsapp/texts, long email threads, calls, etc)
  3. allow for better collaboration and communication (current beta features: shipment tracking, intuitive messaging, key shared file storage, and quote/booking intake)

Miles and Luis Jr have led the validation of Cargologik across the world, from New Zealand to Nigeria and beyond, finding a passionate, core group of active users who share a common vision best articulated by a user in Dubai: “We need software for our generation.” Cargologik acquired over 30 beta testers in their target group leading up to the end of their private beta, and into their September 1, 2020 launch. The aim is to retain at least 50% of those customers.

Cargologik factors in the full cargo cycle – from the initial “move that box” Whatsapp message to the dreaded “where’s my cargo” that independent forwarders are currently mired with. It’s a billion dollar opportunity. They’re aiming to raise over $1M in additional seed funding by the end of Q2 2021, and expect traction to pick up and investor interest to increase. Cargologik plans to go public and take over the world, or become an attractive acquisition target as they hold the keys to the extremely fractured, independent forwarder market adoption through the use of well thought out product funnels to softly invite old-school shippers onto the platform, who also undoubtedly, hate technology

Cargologik’s Private Beta closes September 1 2020, when they go live to the world. I couldn’t be more excited for our ecosystem. The world needs to move goods, and Cargologik is making that possible in a world being eaten by tech. Congratulations Cargologik!