Portfolio Company Beriblock: Blockchain-as-a-Service

By September 24, 2020 Insight

Q2-2020 saw a new quarterly high of 28 fintech investment megarounds (100M+), while industry titans like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs continued to be the Street’s most active fintech investors. Rokk3r portfolio company Beriblock aims to be a leading company in the fintech space by providing its Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform for the document authentication niche. 

Beriblock currently processes around 12,000 documents per month. It records electronic documents such as debt or capital titles, invoices, contracts, financial deposit certificates, certificates of authenticity, and more on the blockchain. Clients include Negozia, Coxti, Protecdata, Prestagente, Confiancer, ConsuLaw, Bancupo, and Presta Gente, among others. Beriblock is also working with Universidad de la Sabana to authenticate and certify degrees and diplomas, and most recently ran a successful pilot with Homcenter to enable fraud controls in operational processes.

Companies exploring blockchain applications related to reducing fraud and enhancing operations often lack the expertise and resources. Beriblock enables these companies to shore up integrity, transparency and security in their asset value chain. 

Nabyl Charania
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Rokk3r
Founding Partner and General Partner, Fuel Venture Capital