October 7 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By October 6, 2019 Insight

1. How Latin American esports is poised for growth

  • Juan Carlos Cortizo, CEO of Pro Play Esports, based in Mexico City…believes that mobile gaming will be the primary platform for esports in Latin America
  • Pro Play Esports runs its events in both Spanish and English, helping it capture Spanish-speaking and English-speaking audiences on multiple continents
  • Latin America is an ecosystem where you have gamers and developers and platforms, private companies, that hold tournaments, and then sponsors…a year and a half ago there was nothing

2. Open Source: From Community to Commercialization

  • past 30 years, and in that time, approximately 200 companies were founded with open source as the core tech…Collectively, these companies have raised over $10B in capital with a trend in the last 10 years towards bigger and bigger deals
  • three-quarters of the companies and 80% of the capital raised have come about after 2005…think we are just at the start of this renaissance
  • when thinking through a commercial offering, some questions to consider are: does your product solve a core business problem or provide clear operational benefits? Is it hard to replicate or find alternatives? Are there at-scale capabilities required for teams or organizations that are not realized in the OSS?

3.  AI Space Odyssey: Deep Learning Aids Astronomers Study Galaxies

  • Projects like the under-construction Large Synoptic Survey Telescope are expected to capture images of billions of galaxies…not enough people in the world to classify all these
  • Deep learning models can help researchers keep pace with the many ground- and space-based telescopes busy collecting images of the universe, most of which are publicly available for analysis
  • Trained using the TensorFlow deep learning framework and images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the deep learning model identifies galaxies as merging or not merging with 92 percent accuracy

4. Why Virgin Hyperloop One is still betting that you want to commute in a high-speed tube

  • Hyperloop is poised to be the most energy-efficient mode of mass transportation in the world, carrying more people than a subway with zero direct emissions
  • Imagine being able to work in Washington, D.C., or Boston, but living in New York City, a mere 30-minute Hyperloop commute away
  • Hyperloop One isn’t waiting for the federal government to get on board (pun intended!) to begin the long certification and regulatory process and safety checks that go with creating an entirely new mode of transportation

5. Gene therapy coming of age: Opportunities and challenges to getting ahead

  • More than 150 investigational new drugs applications were filed for gene therapy in 2018 alone…expect this market to grow significantly, with ten to 20 cell and gene therapy approvals per year over the next five years
  • 90 percent of gene therapy development to date is from companies with fewer than 500 employees…Many of these biotechs are platform companies who have optimized the manufacturing and delivery of their technology
  • Improvements to vectors and cell technology will increase throughput (such as moving from adherent cells to suspension) and efficiency while also increasing purity of active particles