October 3 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By October 3, 2019 Insight

1. Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert invests in RektGlobal esports group

  • Gobert will join alongside existing investors including DJ stars Steve Aoki and DJ Nicky Romero, the Billboard Award-winning Imagine Dragons
  • Gobert will support the growth and continued global expansion of ReKTGlobal and Rogue, through strategic integrations and partnerships…will also co-host livestreams and deliver creative fan content alongside current Rogue players
  • New York-based ReKTGlobal esports organization bridges the gap between the multi-billion-dollar business of traditional sports and the burgeoning business of esports and competitive gaming

2. From The Shadows Of The Fortune 500, Atlanta Emerges As A Tech Hub

  • startup scene is growing, as evidenced by the increasing number of companies working out of Atlanta Tech Village…has helped raise over $900 million in funding since its inception in 2013…ranks among the top five largest tech hubs in the nation
  • So far in 2019, venture capital funding in Atlanta totaled an impressive $1.1 billion, thanks in part to OneTrust’s massive $200 million Series A round during the third quarter
  • The presence of Georgia Tech likely has something to do with the startup funding growth the city is seeing

3.  These are the top Y Combinator companies of all time, based on valuation

  • YC says that all of the companies that made this year’s list are each currently valued at $150 million or more, with a cumulative valuation of $155 billion
  • Sorted by sector, B2B Software/Services just absolutely dominates…next closest sector is fintech at 15%, followed closely by consumer goods/services at 11%
  • The vast majority (71%) of the list calls the Bay Area home, with 63% of the Top 101 companies hosting their headquarters in San Francisco

4. Amazon’s Project Kuiper and OneWeb raise the curtain higher on their satellite plans

  • OneWeb, for example, is seeking FCC approval for up to 1.5 million ground terminals that customers would use to receive and transmit satellite data
  • SpaceX, which has already launched 60 of its Starlink satellites and is expected to send another batch into orbit as early as this month…OneWeb launched the first six satellites of its constellation in February and is expected to launch about 30 more in December
  • One recent FCC filing relating to Project Kuiper…plan calls for putting 3,236 satellites into three sets of orbits, at 590, 610 and 630 kilometers (367, 379 and 391 miles) in altitude

5. Digital Health 150: The Digital Health Startups Redefining The Healthcare Industry

  • total of 17 companies on the list are unicorns…Of these, 12 companies are US-based, 3 are based in China, 1 is based in France, and 1 is based in the UK
  • The top-funded company is genomics startup GRAIL, followed by insurance tech player Oscar Health and then China-based We Doctor
  • Many companies on our list are leveraging AI and machine learning to help develop their respective software platforms