October 28 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By October 27, 2019 Insight

1. 5G Meets AI: NVIDIA CEO Details ‘Smart Everything Revolution

  • IoT revolution, where everything is intelligent, where everything is smart
  • BMW is using intelligent video analytics and EGX edge servers…to automate inspection
  • Walmart can compute in real time more than 1.6 terabytes of data generated per second

2. Intel CEO: 7nm in 2021 will put us back on Moore’s Law cadence

  • chip becomes smaller, the circuits operate faster, and the cost of the same chip goes down
  • Chip designers can also pack more circuitry onto a same-sized chip
  • third quarter…best in the company’s history, with $19.2 billion in revenue

3.  Hyundai is launching BotRide, a robotaxi service in California with Pony.ai and Via

  • will operate on public roads in Irvine, California, beginning November 4
  • there will be a human safety driver behind the wheel at all times
  • order rides through a smartphone app, which will direct passengers to nearby stops

4. WeBank Is Driving Financial Inclusion At Scale In China

  • China…Home to four of the world’s top 10 fintechs – AKA the BATJ
  • world’s second-largest economy and has four of the five largest banks in terms of assets
  • largest unbanked population: 225 million Chinese adults currently lack a bank account

5. How Fitness Tech Is Shaping The Future Of Wellness

  • developing technology to hyper-personalize fitness through biometric tracking
  • health and wellness future powered by data, personalization, connectivity, and 5G technology
  • as the e-gaming market picks up, how could startups develop interactive games that actually improve our physical, social, and mental well-being