October 21 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By October 21, 2019 Insight

1. The numbers behind successful transformations

  • assembled of more than 200 large transformations stretching back nearly a decade
  • 41 percent of transformation value is generated from growth initiatives
  • companies in the top quartile restocked their number of initiatives by 70 percent after the first year

2. Volvo will report autonomous truck financials from 2020

  • demonstrating that it’s looking to…a big transition to an autonomous future
  • announced that its first commercial self-driving trucks would be used in mining
  • partnered with chip giant Nvidia to collaborate on autonomous trucks

3.  Alphabet’s Wing begins making first commercial drone deliveries in the US

  • Walgreens…first U.S. retailer to do a store-to-customer doorstep delivery via drone
  • also working with Virginia’s Sugar Magnolia, a retailer local to the state
  • UPS also secured FAA approval to operate a commercial drone delivery service

4. 11 Industries Responding To The Meatless Revolution

  • plant-based milk market is worth $18B globally, according to CB Insights
  • hospitality industry is capitalizing on the meat-free trend
  • $2.4T fashion industry is going plant-based to reduce its impact on the environment

5. Series B Crunch Hits U.S. Startups, While Series As Decline Globally

  • U.S. early-stage startup investment…saw a decline of 18 percent in reported funding in Q3 of 2019, compared to Q2
  • broad decline in Series B financings does not appear strongly correlated with any major industry
  • Globally, reported early-stage investment totals were down just over 9 percent in Q3 of 2019, compared to Q2