October 2 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By October 1, 2019 Insight

1. Golf tees-up a tech revolution on the fairway

  • Cloud computing, real-time sensor data and innovation competitions are putting digital transformation on the agenda for golf
  • example of a trial concept called pace of play that is being run at the tournament…trial attempts to deal with the problem of slow play in golf, which is a key concern for some professional players
  • Pace of play isn’t the only proof of concept being run at Wentworth…running trials in two other key areas: digital scoreboards and cloud analytics

2. Picnic unveils pizza-making robot — here’s how it delivers 300 pies/hour

  • latest entrant in a cohort of startups and industry giants trying to find ways to automate restaurant kitchens in the face of slim margins and labor shortages
  • speed comes in handy in places where large numbers of orders come in during a rush, such as at a stadium or in large cafeterias…compact enough that it could theoretically be installed in a food truck
  • Picnic’s business model is essentially pizza-as-a-service…owners pay a regular fee in return for the system and ongoing maintenance as well as software and hardware updates

3.  UPS delivery drones are on the way after FAA certification

  • Federal Aviation Administration granted the UPS Flight Forward subsidiary air carrier and operator certification, allowing it to use drones for commercial deliveries
  • The machines and their payloads can weigh more than 55 pounds and UPS can fly its drones at night
  • At first, UPS plans to expand drone deliveries to hospitals and medical campuses across the US. It’s also planning to carry out flights outside of the healthcare industry

4. Levi’s accessorizes new smart jackets with Google’s Jacquard tag

  • Jacquard by Google tag, about the size of a stick of gum, tucks into the jacket sleeve and connects to your device wirelessly via Bluetooth
  • Wearers stay connected with simple hand gestures like swiping, touching and tapping the jacket cuff…music, calling, messaging, navigation and ride hailing apps is all in the wrist
  • premise and purpose remain the same: You can keep your phone in your pocket and your eyes on the world around you, staying connected without being distracted

5. What Smart Manufacturers Know About Bundling Products and Services

  • Manufacturing is no longer just about putting a bunch of sneakers or sheets of metal on a barge or a boat and going across oceans
  • It’s about being able to 3D-print a product somewhere…about being able to design something and test it before you ever go through that process
  • people who had all this experience, and plants and assets that protected them from others entering — all of a sudden those are no longer an asset…some cases, they’re a liability