October 18 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By October 18, 2019 Insight

1. SAP and Esports: The Next Chapter with League of Legends

  • SAP helped the Dota 2 team improve its match preparation routines and gain new insights
  • use SAP technology to support players’ growth and improvement by analyzing performance
  • team is now able to tap into an unprecedented amount of data to deliver its best performance

2. Rocket Lab successfully launches fifth Electron rocket this year

  • eighth mission for a commercial customer…since it began ferrying payloads for paying clients
  • carried a satellite called “Palisade” for client Astro Digital, which is a technology demonstrator
  • Electron is a launch on demand service — we’re ready when the launch customer is

3.  The Real Cutting-Edge: Proprio Fuses AI, VR, Computer Vision for Precision in Surgery

  • computer vision, machine learning and VR to create 3D immersive visualization systems
  • surgeons can use a VR headset to zoom through tissue, around corners
  • gain familiarity with tools, learn new skills and simulate surgical procedures

4. Arca will use AI to soundtrack NYC’s Museum of Modern Art

  • “non-static, generative and augmented” compositions, using machine learning
  • also a music format that will let artists release these AI tunes to the public
  • companies like Sony are experimenting with AI to produce drum tracks

5. How To Master Your Global eCommerce Expansion

  • several approaches to eCommerce globalization (e.g., cross-border shipping, online marketplaces, etc.)
  • Take stock of your budget and goals to pick the globalization approach that suits your company’s needs — and (importantly!) that meets local market conditions
  • Prioritizing a handful of site features — customer service and payments, for example — will go a long way in driving in-country sales