October 11 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By October 11, 2019 Insight

1. The fourth industrial revolution in agriculture

  • change how every agricultural player, from a family farmer to a global conglomerate, produces food and related products
  • In 2018, agritech startups raised US$16.9 billion, a 43 percent increase over the year before
  • One firm is developing a swarm of miniature autonomous robots that can plant seeds

2. The first spacecraft that can service satellites to extend their life launched today

  • Up until now, commercial satellites have essentially been disposable
  • extending the useful life of the 18-year-old satellite by as many as five years
  • leading to further decreased operating costs…more access for startup and smaller companies to take part

3.  Holoride opens its in-car VR experience to the public

  • idea behind Holoride is to create a dynamic backseat VR experience that matches the movement of the car
  • CES demo was done in partnership with Audi and Disney…new experience in Los Angeles was created in conjunction with Universal and Ford
  • helps demonstrate how Holoride plans to be hardware and content agnostic

4. Waymo tells riders to get ready for fully driverless rides

  • soon start allowing ordinary Arizonans to ride in self-driving cars that have no one behind the wheel
  • Initially, the company will use a mix of driverless cars and cars with safety drivers
  • company has taken a series of baby steps toward full autonomy over the last three years

5. Nerd Street Gamers Closes $12M Series A To Build IRL Esports Outposts

  • house esports leagues, training camps, tournaments, and showcases on professional-grade equipment
  • open venues in every major city in the country, bringing esports to a whole new segment of gamers
  • In addition to the Localhosts connected to Five Below stores, NSG plans to build 50 larger regional and university-based facilities