November 8 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By November 8, 2019 Insight

1. Volocopter and John Deere team up for a crop-spraying autonomous agricultural drone

  • agricultural and industrial heavy equipment company is working with Volocopter on a VoloDrone-based aerial crop-dusting system
  • able to dispense pesticides, liquid fertilizer, anti-frost agents for unseasonable inclement weather and more
  • potentially a better, more precise and more cost-effective alternative to using a helicopter for these applications,

2. Amazon’s AI rewrites ‘millions’ of Alexa user commands to reduce defects by 30%

  • gets better in part through manual data transcription and annotation, which takes outsized time and effort
  • the automated self-learning system they deployed reduced errors across “millions” of Alexa customers
  • in the nine months since the system was deployed in production, it has led to a  30% reduction in defect rate

3. A new CRISPR-Cas9 protein to increase precision of gene editing

  • developed a new protein that can help increase the targeting accuracy in the genome editing process
  • CRISPR-Cas9 “repairs” the defects on site by removing the problematic DNA or correcting it to restore normal gene functions
  • team has successfully engineered SaCas9-HF, a CRISPR Cas9 variant which has high accuracy in genome-wide targeting in human cells without compromising on-target efficiency

4. G2 and MasterCard Partner To Bring Priceless Moments

  • strategic partnership to bring entertaining experiences, exclusive access, and fan engagement activations to the League of Legends community
  • provide the League of Legends community exclusive Mastercard experiences that bring fans closer to the teams and players they admire
  • “By partnering with G2 Esports we will be able to deepen our engagement with the esports passion and build upon our vision of bringing powerful content and priceless experiences to fans” 

5. Elon Musk says building the first sustainable city on Mars will take 1,000 Starships and 20 years

  • long-term vision for Musk and his space technology company, after all — making humans an interplanetary species
  • Starship’s design is intended to maximize re-use, and in fact Musk noted that ideally it can fly up to three times per day
  • Musk envisions a future where orbital space is a much busier place