November 6 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By November 6, 2019 Insight

1. UPS drone makes first home prescription deliveries for CVS

  • flown prescription medications to the front lawn of a private home and to a retirement center
  • UPS unit’s first revenue-generating deliveries for drugstore chain CVS Health Corp
  • size of small shoeboxes, were lowered from drones hovering at an altitude of about 20 feet

2. Special Delivery: With U.S. Postal Service on Board, NVIDIA to Enable AI Deployment

  • world’s largest delivery service, with 146 billion pieces of mail processed and delivered annually
  • USPS will roll out a deep learning solution…to 200 processing facilities that should be operational in 2020
  • new generation of robots are being put to work in retail, agriculture and the food delivery business — slated to grow to $100 billion by 2025

3.  Shopping ads come to YouTube’s home feed and search results

  • lets brands advertise their products and services right in the YouTube home feed and search results
  • will match to user’s interest not by using keywords but rather on the product details and information the brand submits
  • TikTok launched a “Hashtag Challenge Plus” product that lets video viewers shop for products in its app

4. Microsoft is banking Cortana’s success on the idea of a multi-assistant world

  • with no smart speaker or mobile operating system, it lacks native access to two of the most common devices people use to speak with AI assistants
  • focus is on making Cortana a larger part of Microsoft 365 productivity software for the workplace
  • Voice assistant usage is up, but it’s unclear whether people are actually open to the idea of using more than one assistant in their lives

5. Coca Cola Using Blockchain for $21-Billion-Per-Year Network

  • expects to reduce the duration of order-reconciliation from 50 days to just a few days
  • inter-organizational, transparent distributed ledger will give real-time insights into the transactions made by all the different bottlers
  • multiple international coffee companies partnered with Farmer Connect to use the IBM Food Trust platform