November 27 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By November 27, 2019 Insight

1. HSBC to build the bank of the future by giving its 30,000 devs access to APIs

  • taking advantage of open banking to develop new, “connected” experiences for its more than 38 million customers worldwide
  • wanting to reach out beyond the branch, the contact centre, and other more traditional channels to create those connected experiences
  • Through APIs, the bank has touted the ability to turn its core banking products, including credit cards, mortgages, and payments, into APIs to develop new offerings

2. Sensor Tower: Candy Crush Soda Saga bubbles up to $2 billion lifetime revenue

  • series helped make King so big that Activision Blizzard bought the company in 2016 for $5.9 billion
  • Candy Crush Soda Saga has made most of its money in the U.S., which has accounted for $1.1 billion of the $2 billion total
  • Around the world, the game has over 410 million first-time installs…average of iPhone user spends $9.37 on the game, compared to $3.24 per download on Android

3.  IPO vs. Direct Listing

  • An initial public offering entails the sale of newly-issued securities to underwriters and their clientele, whereas a direct listing is more like a secondary sale of existing shares
  • In an IPO, there’s a capital raise when banks commit to buying shares of a company at a set price
  • With a direct listing, banks aren’t acting as underwriters, but more like financial advisers

4. AI in healthcare: Using algorithms to predict your risk of ending up in hospital

  • uses an algorithm in Bering’s Brave AI system to analyse the complexity of patient health
  • AI tool presents its analysis in the form of a complexity score that is based on a percentage scale
  • aim of the system is to help GPs intervene earlier, to make solid predictions on hospital admissions, and to help the NHS plan its use of extremely scare resources

5. Russian dairy cows wear VR glasses for better milk production

  • watching serene pasture scenes that researchers hope will keep them calm so they produce more milk
  • animals were shown a summer field simulation program…to determine if the pasture scene altered the cows’ moods
  • Dairy farms in different countries have experimented with everything from robotic brushes massaging cattle to classical music to keep them calm and happy