November 26 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By November 26, 2019 Insight

1. Four Areas Where Seed Dollars Are Flowing In Consumer Health

  • Startups innovating around fertility and reproductive health are raising a lot of venture rounds lately, and generating some big exits
  • If we fast-forward a few years, it’s not hard to imagine a future in which some sort of consumer-branded service serves as a go-to point for an ever-increasing array of ailments
  • Much of that rise in spending is going to pet health…we’ll spend just over $18 billion in vet bills and $16 billion for medicine and supplies this year

2. Elon Musk: Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders hit 200k after first weekend

  • Musk noted these pre-orders were achieved “with no advertising & no paid endorsement”
  • fans have backed the Cybertruck to the tune of about $20 million in the first weekend of pre-sales
  • body was made from the same “ultra hard, cold-rolled stainless steel alloy” SpaceX is using for the forthcoming Starship rocket

3.  These 6 firms are keying 2019’s record rate of add-ons

  • first nine months of the year, add-ons to existing portfolio companies accounted for 68% of all private equity investments in the US—the highest annual rate on record
  • deal multiples spiking across the broader buyout market, this inorganic growth is one of the few ways left for investors to find the potential for value creation
  • probably just a coincidence that three of the six names on this list—Audax, HarbourVest and Abry—are all headquartered in Boston

4. Netflix changed marketing for TV — can video games follow?

  • demand and uptake of existing on-demand/subscription/streaming platforms within games, such as Steam (30 million+ active daily players)
  • games industry as a whole can learn much from what Netflix, Amazon Prime and rivals are doing well
  • means switching from a model of selling A Product and instead building brands, engaging with audiences – and keeping them

5. Infarm plants its blend of vertical farming and cloud computing in QFC grocery stores

  • “farming as a service”…hydroponic plant-growth cabinets that shrink the acreage needed to grow fresh greens to fit in a grocery-store aisle
  • Infarm’s cloud-connected sensors keep track of more than 200,000 plants that cycle through the system every month
  • hoping to shorten the distance between where food is produced and where it’s consumed