November 20 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By November 20, 2019 Insight

1. The Future According To GV, Alphabet’s Most Active Venture Capital Arm

  • Among GV’s portfolio companies, artificial intelligence is being used in a range of applications, from drug discovery to data analytics
  • GV is also investing in online fashion brands and exchanges, including custom sneaker exchange StockX
  • GV-backed RightHand Robotics, Bowery Farming, and Veo Robotics use robotics to solve problems in the agriculture and manufacturing industries

2. Formnext 2019: 3D metal printing, industry use cases, adoption accelerate

  • US market awareness for 3D printing checked in at 77%, but adoption was at 34%
  • China had the highest rate of 3D printing adoption at 53% followed by France at 42%
  • 3D Systems outlined a series of production systems for healthcare, aerospace and automotive use cases

3.  Vulog will power Hyundai’s new LA car-sharing service

  • French-based company has been providing the underlying hardware and software needed for car-sharing services since 2006
  • includes tools like fleet management and a consumer-facing app, is used in car-sharing services in more than 30 cities globally
  • its platform is used by Volkswagen’s WeShare, Kia Motor’s Wible and Groupe PSA’ Free2Move car-sharing service

4. Does your legal department spark joy?

  • In a digitization project, old contracts can be scanned into a digital format, and supplemented with searchability, metadata tags, and structure
  • Rather than being driven by the business’s legal needs, lawyers will be able to use the insights gleaned from managing the contract life cycle to actively aid in achieving organizational goals
  • For a company with an annual revenue of US$1 billion and 6.2 percent contract leakage (i.e., a top performer when it comes to contract management), the gross margin could drop from $200 million to $138 million

5. Bird offers scooter credits when you take ‘helmet selfies’

  • feature that offers perks in return for snapping a photo of yourself wearing a helmet at the end of your trip
  • Computer vision automatically detects the helmet to keep riders honest
  • launching a global Safety Marketplace that will offer a “curated” mix of helmets and other safety gear