November 13 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By November 13, 2019 Insight

1. Bob Iger: Why Disney Is Betting Big on Streaming

  • invested $2.6 billion in technology for Disney+ and left $150 million in revenue on the table after ending the studio’s deal to stream its content on Netflix
  • Disney is projecting between 60 million and 90 million subscribers to its streaming service by 2024
  • the company’s acquisition strategy in recent years makes it easy to offer content for a variety of different audiences, even if it isn’t overtly branded as Disney content

2. Accelerating the impact from a tech-enabled transformation

  • Consider that Tesla has claimed the production of its Model 3 is already 95 percent automated
  • in late 2018, DHL launched an automated distribution center that boosted productivity by 60 percent over nonautomated facilities
  • in 2018, McKinsey identified $1 trillion of potential value that industrial companies could capture by deploying a tech-enabled transformation

3.  AI designed this gin, but would you drink it?

  • Trained with a database of potential ingredients, a recurrent neural network named “Ginette” generated a range of roughly 20 recipe options
  • Using another dataset, the AI also came up with the Monker’s Garkel name
  • Ginette is also credited, in combination with other ML tools, with generating the labels, the bottle’s text, and social media copy

4. Three Key Factors That Drove Alibaba’s 2019 Singles’ Day Success

  • In addition to selling more product categories, Alibaba expanded 11.11 to new markets, both inside and outside of China
  • Exclusive preorder offers encouraged consumers to add products to shopping carts 20 days prior to the event
  • Alibaba is now testing AI-powered real-time translation for live streaming and plans to take streaming commerce global

5. Esports Observer: Revenues and viewers are growing, as is investor interest

  • Advertising and sponsorships are expected to drive the greatest portion of the industry’s revenue growth
  • Nearly half of respondents (47%) anticipate increased investment in esports from private equity and venture capital firms over the next year
  • increased involvement of private equity and venture capital firms is a clear sign that traditional investors believe in the longevity of the space