November 1 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By November 1, 2019 Insight

1. 11 Years Ago Today Satoshi Nakamoto Published the Bitcoin White Paper

  • protocol represented a cryptographically-secured system — based on a Proof-of-Work algorithm
  • Bitcoin’s first-ever recorded trading price was noted on Mar. 17, 2010…at a value of $0.003
  • appreciation thus stands at a staggering 304033233% as of press time, with Bitcoin currently trading at $9,120

2. Facebook’s New Patent Shows How The Tech Giant Wants To Help You Manage Your Spending

  • tool that allows users to benchmark their financial habits against their peers’ behavior
  • company has pursued at least 124 patents in finance-related categories
  • Facebook would also supply in-system purchase data to get a full picture of their transaction history

3.  Customers will be all-in on bots in 2020 and other CX predictions

  • In the U.S., customers jumping to competitors because of a bad experience is costing companies $1.6 trillion
  • 85% percent of customers said they expect companies to offer a blend of both physical and digital communication channels
  • Consumers seem to be anxious about whether they’re talking to a human or a bot, and could they even tell the difference?

4. Retail Spotlight: A Look Into Nordstrom’s Newly Opened NYC Flagship

  • invested in numerous digital store technologies to tailor customer experiences across departments
  • beauty floor is equipped with augmented-reality “try-on” screens for shoppers to test lipsticks
  • In the personalization studio, shoppers use interactive screens to customize Converse sneakers

5. WeWork is reportedly getting into esports with Play By We, which could rent its office space for professional gaming events

  • Competitive gaming, or esports, is a growing industry with publishers and investors spending millions on high profile events
  • WeWork trademarked a brand called “Play By We,” with a focus on professional gaming and gaming-related events
  • Play By We could help mold WeWork’s coworking properties into specialized video game event centers, for individual events or long-term use