Nabyl’s Weekly Digital Age Update – Episode 37

By September 30, 2019 Insight

In Episode 37 of my weekly update, I’m sharing stories and insights about innovations in women’s health at the intersection of exponential technologies, online sales during India’s 2019 festive season, and how two of Africa’s booming tech ecosystems plan on leveraging synergies for additional growth.

1. The State Of Women’s Health In 2030

Groundbreaking innovation in women’s fertility, menopausal and post-menopausal health, and other areas of women’s health is happening at the intersection of exponential technologies, leading to the potential for increased quality of life. Early-stage companies in women’s health are seeing a boost in venture capital, with $1B in investment projected for 2019 (almost double 2018’s record-breaking year), and a market predicted to be worth over $50B by 2025. Exits such as period care startup This is L.’s estimated $100M acquisition by Procter & Gamble are adding additional promise for ventures in this space.

2. Holiday 2019: India’s Festive Season Will Generate $4.8 Billion In Online Sales

In 2018, Walmart made global headlines as it spent $16B for a majority stake in Flipkart. For many, this was a first glimpse into the immense e-commerce market in India. Other companies competing for this market include Amazon, which entered the geography in 2013. For India’s 2019 Festive season, the rise of what is termed ‘Tier 3’ city consumers (i.e., consumers in cities not traditionally seen as having purchasing power, but who now have access to brands and affordable finance options) will be a key factor in the continued rise of online sales in the region.

3. Nigeria’s CcHub acquires Kenya’s iHub to create mega Africa incubator 

Nigeria and Kenya are two countries on the continent of Africa that have been surging with new ventures, investments and growth; Goldman Sachs leading a $10M round in Kobo360 (think Uber for commercial deliveries), pre-seed funding for Nigeria’s 1st digital-only bank Kuda, and Creadev’s capital injection into mobile B2B supply platform Twiga Foods, are a very small sampling of movement across Nigeria and Kenya’s ecosystems. These ecosystems will see a further boost through a free-flow of best practices and innovation support with CcHub’s acquisition of iHub.

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