Nabyl’s Weekly Digital Age Insights – Episode 8

By March 10, 2019 Insight

In Episode 8, I touch on key stories from the digital world related to new platform paradigms, the auto sector and eSports.

1. Past, Present, Future: From Co-ops to Cryptonetworks

The planet continues to see an increase in the number of people connected online. Between 2022-2025, we will see 8 billion connected. OneWeb and SpaceX are blanketing low-earth orbit with thousands of satellites to make this a reality. Increased connectedness means larger platforms across multiple industries, both public and private, will need to evolve how they operate. Paradigms like cryptonetworks with different ideas of ownership, information sharing, and governance will need to be evaluated to successfully sustain a fully connected world.

2. Auto Tech Trends To Watch In 2019

The auto industry’s tech revolution is no secret: GM’s half a billion dollar acquisition of self-driving company Cruise, Ford’s $1 billion investment into Argo AI (and the subsequent self-driving partnership discussions with VW reportedly valued north of $4 billion), Samsung’s $8 billion acquisition of Harman to accelerate automotive and connected technologies, the list is practically endless. In 2019, the industry will see advances in telematics for real-time visibility, smarter industrial robotics, vehicle-to-everything (V2x) technologies for increased communication, and off-course more tech acquisitions.

3. Warriors draft first woman into NBA 2K league

The NBA announced 69 players that were expected for their 2018 draft combine. The NBA’s eSports 2K league saw a 72,000-person strong combine to determine the best of the best. I’ve shared insights about the growth of eSports (e.g., its potential as the next billion dollar industry, Nike’s first eSports sponsorship, Disney/ESPN’s broadcasting deals, etc). Chiquita Evans holds a special legacy within eSports by becoming the first woman ever drafted to NBA’s 2K league. Representation in eSports continues to progress even at the executive level with former BP and Exxon Mobile exec Ann Hand (now CEO of Super League Gaming), ESL North America CEO Yvette Martinez-Rea, and others.

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