Nabyl’s Weekly Digital Age Insights – Episode 27

By July 22, 2019 Insight

In Episode 27 of my weekly update I’m sharing stories and insights around applications of quantum computing, traditional car companies aligning for the self-driving revolution, and Virgin Galactic’s role in space tourism.

1. IBM Research explains how quantum computing works and why it matters

Beyond catchy blog headlines, we’re witnessing significant quantum computing advancements from the global innovation community and established players. Sectors like agriculture, aviation, finance, healthcare and more are beginning to explore potential impacts of quantum computing. Take for instance JP Morgan and Barclays in the finance sector. They’re testing quantum computing for large-scale optimization – from Monte Carlo simulations and pricing bonds to predictions of behaviors of complex financial systems.

2. VW invests $2.6 billion in Argo AI as part of self-driving vehicle alliance with Ford

It’s no surprise that traditional car companies are relying on acquisitions to remain relevant in the age of exponential technologies. What’s fascinating though is the robustness of acquisitions and the resulting trajectories of these companies. Hyundai has partnered with self driving startup Aurora, Daimler joined BMW on self-driving efforts, Honda invested in GM’s self driving unit Cruise, and the list goes on. Additionally, valuations of autonomous driving companies continue to rise – Cruise’s valuation is now approximately $19B, Argo recently crossed the $7B mark, and Morgan Stanley has valued Alphabet subsidiary Waymo at a whopping $175B.

3. A Giant Leap for Mankind? Virgin Galactic Revs Up Space Tourism

Between Bezos’ Blue Origin, Musk’s SpaceX, OneWeb’s satellite constellation, Hypergiant’s AI-powered geospatial intelligence and infrastructure, and so many other endeavors that look back down on planet earth, we’re beginning to see how the space economy has progressed far beyond storytelling and marketing. I’ve previously shared UBS’s estimated value of the space industry, and Morgan Stanley recently noted that in their evaluation, the space economy will grow to over $1T in the next two decades (and interestingly, that Jeff Bezos sells over $1B in Amazon stock each year and invests it in Blue Origin). As Virgin Galactic prepares to make their ascent, they will do so as the first publicly traded space-tourism company in the world.

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