Nabyl’s Weekly Digital Age Insights – Episode 21

By June 11, 2019 Insight

In Episode 21 of my weekly update, I’m sharing stories and insight around Rokk3r’s acquisition of Bullfrog Ventures, traditional insurance companies leveraging blockchain tech, and self-assembling urban infrastructure on-demand.

1. Bullfrog Ventures has been acquired by Rokk3r Inc

Rokk3r’s acquisition of Bullfrog Ventures further reveals our deep commitment to investing in disruptive technologies that accelerate growth. Insurance is a traditional industry that is ripe for innovative solutions. As a result, through Rokk3r Insurtech, we will leverage our combined technologies and capabilities to deliver unique value propositions that will lead the insurtech and consulting space across emerging and developed markets.

2. State Farm, USAA to Pay Each Other Insurance Claims on Blockchain by 2020

A system that currently requires companies to exchange cheques by mail on a claim-by-claim basis, will undergo a burst of innovation via the blockchain that could potentially cause a significant shift in the way $9.6B in payments are made across US insurance carriers. Blockchain-driven smart contracts can save insurers over $200B annually and significantly speed up claims processing and payouts.

Continuing the theme of blockchain tech, from the Rokk3r ecosystem, Beriblock has launched with the aim of safeguarding debt contracts and commercial notes against fraud. Beriblock is the first blockchain-based Latin American startup in the document authentication and custodian niche.

3. MIT’s robot boats can self-assemble to build bridges, stages or even markets

Boston Dynamics captured major attention and the public’s imagination after videos of their advanced robots went viral. Enter “roboats”, robots + boats. Not to be outdone, MIT researchers have intersected the worlds of robotics, 3D printing, sensors, algorithms and other exponential technologies to create a new autonomous boat prototype capable of self-assembling urban infrastructure on-demand. Research firm IDC forecasts the market for robots outside the traditional industrial manufacturing industries could exceed $50B by 2022.

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