Nabyl’s Weekly Digital Age Insights – Episode 17

By May 13, 2019 Insight

In Episode 17 of my weekly update, I’m sharing stories and insight around content consumption, where Gen Z is spending their time online, and one way a famed fashion house in embracing the digital age.

1. YouTube Now Has 2 Billion Monthly Users, Who Watch 250 Million Hours on TV Screens Daily

April 2005 saw the first video ever to be uploaded on YouTube. It was under 20 seconds long and showed YouTube co-founder Jawed Karim at the San Diego Zoo talking about elephants. Fast forward to 2019, and in the 18-49 age range, YouTube reaches more US consumers in the average week than all cable TV networks combined. They did this in less than 15 years. Beyond entertainment, YouTube has become a global hub for how people learn in the digital age. The future of content creation and consumption will continue to be influenced by platforms such as YouTube, and traditional cable networks will need to evolve continuously to keep up.

2. Where teens are starting to spend their time online, and it’s not Snapchat or Instagram

Just when you thought you were up to date because you knew about Snapchat, Generation Z went ahead and complicated things yet again. TikTok and Twitch are amongst a host of platforms where the new generation is spending a lot of their online time. You’ll be familiar with Twitch as I have mentioned its tie-in to the eSports takeover I’ve frequently spoken about. TikTok, whose parent company is Beijing-headquartered Bytedance (the most valuable AI unicorn on the planet at $75B according to CB Insights), is a short-form video app that lets users add a range of effects. It has spread across the globe and is now making a splash across the Americas.

3. Louis Vuitton Wants to Turn Your Bag Into a TV

The idea of combining fashion and technology is nothing new. However, as hardware has evolved to become smaller and more powerful, and the additional layer of data becomes involved, the outcome is highly impactful and valuable. Consider for example portfolio company AdMobilize. Smaller hardware, combined with industry-leading AI, has led to deployment in over 80 countries and 460 cities, including the Sao Paulo Metro Yellow Line for anonymous audience analytics in the subway system’s new interactive doors. Similarly, the evolution in fashion tech is invaluable data output as a design payoff. For Louis Vuitton, it starts as a runway frenzy for headlines. But as they look to embrace our connection to technology, they could have something bigger and more data-focused in store for the future.

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