Nabyl’s Weekly Digital Age Insights – Episode 16

By May 6, 2019 Insight

In Episode 16 of my weekly update, I’m sharing stories and insight around the global mobile perspective, how the world’s largest hotel operator is exploring new models to meet evolving consumer needs, and the changing face of a traditional flying experience.

1. Cellphones now outnumber the world’s population

Although this doesn’t come as a surprise, one of the more interesting insights I would add is around the subset of smartphone penetration. As the realities of a fully connected, global population begin to emerge, one of the major outcomes we’re preparing for is the democratization of access to information. This access is a key variable in the fourth industrial revolution, and smartphones are poised to play a major role. Reports this year show smartphones already represent two-thirds of global mobile connections.

2. Marriott plans to take on Airbnb with its own home-rental service

With its $35 billion valuation and 6 million listings (including castles) across 190+ countries, AirBnB is an example of digital age companies that have created disproportionate impact. Let’s remember that they achieved this without owning those listings. Traditional players in the space have been looking for ways to generate additional value using the startup playbook for rapid innovation.

3. Heathrow to Introduce Biggest Facial Recognition Technology in the World

Having introduced biometrics late last year, a full roll out of facial recognition technology at Heathrow is expected to reduce check-in time up to over 30% starting this summer. As I shared in my keynote at the GE Aviation Waypoint 2019 conference, the intersection of exponential technologies throughout the aviation industry represents one of the most exciting shifts of a traditional industry today. From predictive maintenance and flight optimization to drone inspections and virtual concierges, every aspect of this industry from end-to-end is experiencing significant digital disruption.

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