Nabyl’s Weekly Digital Age Insights – Episode 13

By April 15, 2019 Insight

In Episode 13 of my weekly update, I’m sharing 3 key stories from the digital world highlighting advancements in drone deliveries, blockchain tech adoption, and something special from about 55 million light years away:

1. Google’s Wing drones approved to make public deliveries in Australia

Recently, UPS made headlines launching their drone delivery service for medical samples. Not to be outdone, Google has partnered with local businesses in Canberra to make drone deliveries. This comes after an almost 2 year trial period that saw Google’s Wing drones make 3000 test deliveries. As we look forward, the market for commercial drones is projected to grow to over $40B in the next 5 years.

2. World’s Second-Largest Grocer Joins IBM Food Trust Blockchain

Real-world blockchain applications are starting to gain traction as some of the biggest brands in the world continue early adoption explorations. For example, in oil and gas, BP and Royal Dutch Shell created Vakt, a blockchain-based platform to add transparency and reduce fraud in key post-trade processes. When it comes to Food, Walmart has been leading the way with blockchain implementations in its value chain. Albertsons Companies has now followed suite to enhance tracking and tracing.

3. Graduate student was behind algorithms that helped capture the first picture of a black hole

The development of an algorithm, driven by advances in computing power and human ingenuity, combined to deliver the first picture of a black hole 500 million trillion kilometers away. Truly a massive, historical moment. Back here on earth, advances in computing power continue to alter the fabric of traditional industries, create new industries and significantly impact our daily lives.

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