May 8 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By May 8, 2019 Insight

1. 2019 Will Be A Record-Breaking Year For US Tech IPO Exit Value

  • Already, 5 US-headquartered venture-backed tech companies have gone public since the start of 2019 raising $6.6B in total funding and exiting at a combined valuation of ~$48B
  • numbers are especially impressive considering that the pace of US VC-backed tech companies going public is not increasing
  • looking at the average US VC-backed tech IPO exit valuation since 2012, this year’s average of $9.6B (through the start of May, and excluding upcoming IPOs) is more than double the previous record of $4.3B in 2012

2. Trucking Finds Interest From Investors, Unicorns and Others

  • trucking is going to be a $1 trillion dollar industry by 2024…surprising given that trucking seems like a traditional, slow-moving industry
  • investors and startups alike are interested in shaking up the way this lucrative industry operates
  • KeepTruckin, which raised $149 million in a Series D late last month to help companies manage their fleets and drivers…trucking unicorn is now valued at $1.4 billion

3. Everything Google announced at its 2019 I/O developers conference

  • Duplex—an AI system that understands natural language and holds conversations like a human…can adapt to work with websites across the internet
  • To allow the digital assistant to work natively on the phone…reduced its 500GB language-processing database to just half a gigabyte
  • “With Lens, we’re indexing the physical world for billions of people and places much like search indexes the billions of places on the web,”

4. New report reveals Generations Z’s favorite online apps and platforms

  • Gen Z has grown up with the internet and smartphones and spent their entire lives adapting to new technology
  • generation that watches Netflix twice as much as cable TV, the generation that would rather stream music with ads than buy an album and own it forever
  • Twitch – 895 million monthly views…TikTok – 27 million monthly active users (69% are ages 13-24)

5. Waymo’s self-driving cars will soon be on the Lyft app

  • modifies Chrysler Pacifica minivans with self-driving equipment like cameras and LiDAR sensors — will be available on the Lyft ride-hailing app in the Phoenix area
  • Autonomous Lyfts are available in Las Vegas through a partnership with Aptiv
  • 10 self-driving cars would be available to request on Lyft starting in about three months