May 7 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By May 6, 2019 Insight

1. Making Connections With The New Digital Consumer

  • digital advertising is growing at a rate that is twice that of all advertising, and of the overall entertainment and media sector
  • activities, content, communication, and transactions are taking place inside a large number of different consumer interfaces
  • As for e-sports…it is growing the fastest of any sport and is regarded as having the highest potential for revenue growth — beating out soccer and basketball

2. Commercial drones are way more popular than the FAA expected

  • total number of commercial drones registered with the FAA now sits at 277,000
  • FAA now predicts there will be 835,000 commercial drones, which represents a tripling of the total over the next five years
  • Besides deliveries, commercial drones are used for tasks like photography and videography, inspection of buildings and land, research and pilot training

3. PepsiCo Blockchain Trial Brings 28% Boost in Supply Chain Efficiency

  • trial set out to examine if blockchain could address “industry challenges” in programmatic advertising
  • carried out a programmatic end-to-end supply chain reconciliation using Zilliqa’s blockchain platform
  • smart contracts reconcile impressions that are delivered from multiple data sources with payments

4. Microsoft teams up with Starbucks on predictive drive-thru ordering and bean-to-cup blockchain

  • using machine learning to gather customer preferences, to connecting coffeemakers in stores to the internet to blockchain services for tracing coffee
  • “…coming together to completely take what is that iconic experience that is Starbucks and incorporating digital throughout”
  • Starbucks’ IoT-enabled machines collect more than a dozen data points for every shot of espresso pulled

5. Grocery startup BigBasket becomes India’s newest unicorn with new $150M investment

  • offers more than 20,000 products from 1,000 brands in more than two dozen cities
  • plans to add about 3,000 vending machines that offer daily eatable items, such as vegetables, snacks and cold drinks in residential apartments and offices
  • India’s retail market, valued at more than $900 billion, is increasingly attracting the attention of VC funds