May 30 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By May 29, 2019 Insight

1. Future Of Retail: B2C Marketing And Loyalty In 2019 

  • Understanding the emotional aspect of loyalty gives brands a sense of how sticky their relationship is with a consumer
  • Brands and retailers should be investing in tactics and technology that improve their understanding of customers
  • Loyalty programs allow brands to collect a lot of data, but most of the challenges marketers have with regard to their loyalty initiatives include personalization, piecing together the customer journey, and managing data from a variety of sources

2. The Future of Customer Service Is AI-Human Collaboration

  • Successful AI-powered customer service systems will depend on bots working with humans, not replacing them
  • the most significant gains from virtual customer service agents are from improvements in customer experience, not cost savings
  • companies are now designing service flows in which virtual agents and people work together

3. How Insurance Companies Are Coping with Digital Transformation

  • insurance carriers are coping with startups and insurtechs by investing in and partnering with them
  • On digital distribution, clients are focused on faster processes for the customer, giving them a better, more seamless experience
  • chatbot enables that agent to know what the right next question to ask is, based on the answer the consumer gave

4. Salesforce Introduces Hyperledger-Based Blockchain Platform

  • low-code blockchain platform that provides companies with the tools to build smart contracts, app and networks in order to share verified data using distributed ledger technology
  • enables the automation of a number of processes based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms
  • Salesforce Blockchain platform has reportedly been implemented by American institutions, including market intelligence firm S&P Global

5. Project Libra: Everything We Know About Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

  • outlet reporting that the cryptocurrency – called “GlobalCoin” internally – will launch in “about a dozen countries by the first quarter of 2020.”
  • In March, a Barclays analyst said Facebook’s cryptocurrency could earn the company anywhere from $3 billion to $19 billion by 2021
  • BBC story suggests Facebook will seek discounts from online retailers for customers who use GlobalCoin