May 24 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By May 23, 2019 Insight

1. Future Of Retail: Implementing Artificial Intelligence In 2019

  • Retailers don’t fully realize that they have to do more curation to determine what should educate the AI systems [in order] to execute retail professionals’ jobs.
  • Data strategy needs to support creating the experience first and then the data can be used for insight to influence the experience.
  • When comparing how personalization and next best offers occur, tap humans to consider if the machine is starting to over–bias on giving free gifts because that action improves customer experience (CX) scores

2. How Blockchains Will Unify Smart Cities

  • Smart Cities require integration of diverse hardware and software- from electric bikes to water meters, from traffic systems to connected rubbish bins.
  • This lack of data standardisation for ease of interoperability equally affects enterprise as it does the Smart City and outsourcing the task to a third-party centralised company isn’t the answer either.
  • “City Hall ended up with a lot of data, with a lot of dashboards, and yet without any capacity to really use data and information to take better decisions for the public good, or give ownership of the data to citizens,”

3. Serverless and containers: Two great technologies that work better together

  • Cloud native, put simply, involves using containerized applications and Kubernetes to deliver software in small packages called microservices
  • enables developers to build and deliver software faster and more efficiently in a continuous delivery model
  • In the cloud native world, you should be able to develop code once and run it anywhere, on prem or any public cloud, or at least that is the ideal

4. 3D body scans and AI health records: Inside the doctor’s office of the future

  • After checking in, members stand in front of a 3D body scanner that uses a variety of technologies — infrared, bioelectrical impedance, structured light — and a rotating platform to gather measurements that they then discuss with their physician.
  • By the time members make it from the body scanner to their exam room, Forward’s algorithms have already translated the scan data into easy-to-understand tidbits about the members’ health.
  • giant touchscreen captures information as the member and doctor speak, translating spoken words into text onscreen

5. Coinbase Now Lets Merchants Accept Payments in USDC Stablecoin

  • the cryptocurrency exchange’s merchants payments offering, has added support for the dollar-pegged stablecoin USD Coin (USDC)
  • businesses can now receive payments in USDC from customers “in minutes with zero transaction fees” and no chargebacks
  • “Unlike accepting credit card payments, merchants can accept USD Coin without geographical limitations or the need for a traditional bank account,”