May 20 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By May 20, 2019 Insight

1. Alphabet’s Wing drone deliveries are coming to Finland next month

  • a “pilot” program, with select goods and limited geography…test driven in the Vuosaari distract — the city’s most populated
  • program will kick off with two partners: gourmet super market, Herkku Food Mark and Cafe Monami…everything from salmon sandwiches to pastries delivered via drone
  • program arrives as Helsinki is making a push to lessen dependence on car ownership by improving public transit citywide

2. Amazon Wins Patent for Proof-of-Work Cryptographic System

  • granted a patent for various techniques to build a proof-of-work (PoW) cryptographic system similar to those used by blockchains such as bitcoin
  • patent outlines how Merkle trees can be generated as a solution to a proof-of-work challenge, among other benefits
  • patent also mentions “cryptographic key,” “digital signature” and “public signing key,” among other concepts related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies

3. Introduction to Central Bank Digital Currencies

  • Corda defines its ledger as a set of immutable state objects. This ledger acts as a reliable single source for the Corda platform, yet it does not make transactions nor entries on this ledger globally visible
  • Any blockchain that sees usage within financial market infrastructure must provide immediate finality, rendering consensus algorithms such as proof of work and proof of stake unviable
  • JP Morgan’s Quorum sets out to build on the work already done by Ethereum, and to turn Ethereum into an “enterprise-ready distributed ledger and smart contract platform”

4. Blockchain as Key to Vienna’s Digital Future — Interview with Ulrike Huemer, CIO of Vienna, Austria

  • Vienna is setting up a blockchain-based token that is part of an incentive driven initiative, rewarding citizens for “good behavior
  • “It’s not just about technological innovation for the sake of it — instead, we are looking to use it as a vehicle leading us toward social change and environmental sustainability.”
  • “…incorporating every office of city administration, linking them up with companies from the private sector as well, to set up a broad network as a basis for the transformation process.”

5. Fixing Amazon’s Drone Delivery Problem

  • Not only will this help with lost packages, it will also take delivery trucks off the road, reducing traffic congestion and pollution
  • Just as Amazon’s e-commerce model revolutionized retail and distribution, Prime Air will likely spawn new industries and services
  • drones need to be capable of carrying heavy loads long distances, without running out of power or colliding with existing infrastructure