May 17 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By May 17, 2019 Insight

1. World Bank and CBA Partner to enable Secondary Bond Trading recorded on Blockchain

  • making this the first bond whose issuance and trading are recorded using distributed ledger technologies
  • illustrates the vast potential to enhance the co-ordination of securities trading and management on blockchain
  • Blockchain has the potential to streamline processes for raising capital and trading securities, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance regulatory oversight

2. Walmart’s battle with Amazon has new fronts: Digital ads and A.I.

  • acquired Silicon Valley-based Polymorph labs, with the goal of using the start-up’s technology to make advertising with Walmart easier for small brands
  • bought Aspectiva, a start-up that looks at a customer’s browsing behavior and helps make product recommendations
  • the company started rolling out next-day delivery for online orders in three markets in the U.S., with plans to reach 75% of the country before the year is over

3. TikTok tops the iOS App Store for the fifth quarter in a row

  • saw more than 33 million App Store downloads during Q1, and was followed by YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger to round out the top five
  • With a bigger footprint in emerging markets and a larger total user base, Android trends can look different from those on iOS
  • Though not the top app on Android, TikTok still had a huge quarter — particularly in India, where 88.6 million new users installed the app in Q1, up 8.2 times over Q1 2018

4. Oculus Quest will have 1 million YouTube VR videos at May 21 launch

  • YouTube VR app offers headset wearers the ability to search for videos by voice
  • also have access to at least a million stereoscopic 3D videos with panoramic 360-degree support, along with depth- and distance-based spatial audio
  • While the Quest version will run at the same frame rate, it will support room-scale tracking for enhanced freedom of motion within VR environments

5. Quick Notes On The Fiverr IPO Filing

  • Since its inception in 2010, Fiverr has raised a total of $111 million
  • Fiverr is not a SaaS company, so we are not looking at recurring revenue today
  • company details in its F-1 that it drives revenue “primarily through transaction fees and service fees.”