May 13 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By May 12, 2019 Insight

1. The journey to an agile organization

  • An agile organization can ideally combine velocity and adaptability with stability and efficiency
  • Any enterprise-wide agile transformation needs to be both comprehensive and iterative
  • First, successful transformations start with an effort to aspire, design, and pilot the new agile operating model

2. Reimagine Mobile To Activate Your Total Brand Experience

  • Forrester expects the number of global smartphone subscribers to reach 3.9 billion by 2023
  • Asia Pacific accounting for 73% of new subscribers in the next five years
  • mobile itself will become the choreographer of the next revolution in digital experience that powers and orchestrates an omnichannel blended user ecosystem

3. Elon Musk reveals how to stuff 60 Starlink satellites on SpaceX’s Falcon rocket

  • demonstration mission will mark another step toward the deployment of thousands of satellites designed to provide low-cost global internet access
  • first satellites are equipped with antennas and networking equipment to communicate with ground stations in a variety of locations
  • master plan calls for an initial constellation of more than 4,400 satellites, followed by a second set of 7,500 satellites

4. AR/VR’s $80 billion-plus market could split before it consolidates

  • AR (mobile AR, smartglasses) is forecast to top 2.5 billion installed base and $70 billion to $75 billion revenue by 2023
  • Mobile AR/computer vision in ecommerce/retail has already delivered for…Olay Skin Advisor (5 million customers, double conversion, 30% higher basket sizes, biggest product launch in 10 years with Olay Whips)
  • VR makes most of its money from hardware sales and games/entertainment, with enterprise software/services a growing part of the mix

5. HTC Says Its Next Smartphone Will Run a Full Bitcoin Node

  • device will be capable of acting as a full node for the bitcoin network, meaning customers will store the entire blockchain’s data on their devices
  • foundational to the whole decentralized internet and just the whole fundamental premise
  • By letting users run full nodes, HTC is giving them the ability to verify data themselves