March 6 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By March 6, 2019 Insight

1.  Auto Tech Trends To Watch In 2019

  • A growing number of companies are reshaping mobility, offering on-demand services to cater to individual travel needs.
  • Look for more partnerships between startups and major automakers, as AV developers increasingly rely on simulations to gather driver data.
  • Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology enables cars to wirelessly communicate with connected devices on other cars, pedestrians, and roadway infrastructure.

2. Australia’s automation opportunity: Reigniting productivity and inclusive income growth

  • Automation and artificial intelligence present an enormous opportunity for national and personal income growth and could add up to $4 trillion to Australia’s economy.
  • An estimated 44 percent of existing workforce activities in Australia could be automated with existing technologies, and this automation potential could rise to 63 percent by 2030.
  • Up to 35 percent of Australians will need to change occupations or upgrade their skills by 2030 and 1.8 million to 5.0 million workers will need to change professions.

3. People Are Paying Bitcoin to Send Weird and Wild Messages Into Space

  • …with the launch of, a simple website that allows users to pay a small fee (the default of which is 3 cents in testnet bitcoin) to send a message via those satellites across the world.
  • …users are sending a lot of messages using the system, and more messages could soon be on their way.
  • “Blockstream made available an API which takes a message and returns a lightning network invoice, upon receipt of the invoice the message is sent to the satellite teleport then the payload is broadcast to the satellite array,”

4. Three Swiss Firms Complete ‘First’ $3 Mln Real Estate Transaction on Blockchain

  • Blockimmo, proptech company Elea Labs Ltd. and digital assets service firm Swiss Crypto Tokens Ltd. have conducted a blockchain-based real estate transaction —  consisting of 18 apartments and a restaurant — at a cost of 3 million Swiss francs ($2.98 million).
  • The property was reportedly tokenized, which means that its real asset value is now represented digitally on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain in the form of tokens.
  • …it was the first step towards further tokenization of properties that blockimmo purportedly plans to sell through a “public crowdsale.”

5. Mobile World Congress Offers Food For Thought

  • NovaMeat promoted the first 3D-printed plant-based beef steak.
  • …NutraSign demonstrated a food traceability solution that enables actors in the food chain to record the journey of their products…shoppers can scan a product’s barcode and not only find nutritional facts but also verify the origins of the product, how it was shipped, and which quality certificates apply.
  • Venture investment in agriculture – and all things food tech – has increased significantly.