March 5 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By March 5, 2019 Insight

1.  A New Exchange Launches, Letting Institutions Custody Their Own Crypto

  • LGO Markets, based in New Jersey, officially launched Monday with limited functionality, allowing new users to set up and fund their accounts.
  • The firm will soon face stiff competition, with large financial players like Fidelity Investments and New York Stock Exchange parent Intercontinental Exchange planning to launch institutional crypto trading platforms this year…
  • “There are roughly 400 institutional clients that are currently trading in the cryptocurrency market…Among these 400, it’s mostly hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, OTC brokers, a few family offices, asset managers and purely crypto players like lending providers that consider trading bitcoin as a part of their business.”

2. NEA Raising $3.6B In Its Most Massive Fund To Date

  • Menlo Park-based NEA has made more than 1,500 investments since its inception in 1977, leading more than one-third of them…
  • Generally, it likes to invest in biotech, health care and software companies although its portfolio is varied.
  • NEA has also seen more than 300 exits over time, including Groupon, Vonage and Box.

3. 3 Areas of Your Business Where Deep Learning Can Make a Difference

  • It’s a specific type of machine learning in which software algorithms ingest large amounts of data and then extract insights from patterns within it.
  • Now, through deep learning, your team can match representatives to the deals they’re most likely to close; determine the time, day, or season that drives the most success; and evaluate the customer and seller interactions that are most likely to lead to a close.
  • Because deep learning is designed to analyze complex multifactor scenarios effectively, it is a natural solution for creating highly predictive risk models. For this reason, big firms are beginning to employ large data science teams staffed with experts who leverage deep learning.

4. Past, Present, Future: From Co-ops to Cryptonetworks

  • But what if there were a way for platforms to commit to continued cooperation? To support unabated, independent entrepreneurial activity — as well as an improved user experience — for all the participants who depend on the network?
  • Cryptonetworks are a relatively new phenomenon, but there’s a useful analog to help understand why they work and where they’re going: cooperatives, or “co-ops”.
  • By encoding commitments to continued cooperation in software, cryptonetworks can engender trust at new scales, both granular (due to cost efficiencies) and macro (due to social scalability).

5. Go-Jek pulls in $100M more for its massive Series F round

  • U.S. ride-hailing giants Lyft  and Uber are going public in the U.S. imminently, but in Southeast Asia, the two largest on-demand companies are still madly fueling up on investment capital.
  • …Go-Jek,  the Indonesian ride-hailing firm aiming to go regional in Southeast Asia, announce that it has pulled in $100 million from conglomerate Astra…
  • Grab,  meanwhile, Go-Jek’s key adversary, recently raised $2 billion for its recent Series H round. The company is working to extend that figure to $5 billion with a planned investment of up to $1.5 billion from SoftBank’s Vision Fund in the offing.