March 28 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By March 28, 2019 Insight

1.  IoT and cloud computing: AWS and Volkswagen have a grand plan to connect up factories

  • system will aggregate real-time data from all of Volkswagen’s 122 manufacturing plants
  • Over time the system will connect more than 30,000 facilities and 1,500 suppliers and partners in Volkswagen’s global supply chain
  • Manufacturers hope that by adding sensors to their production lines and further into their supply chains they can spot problems or opportunities for efficiency in real time

2. Airbnb just checked in its 500 millionth guest

  • recorded its 500 millionth guest arrival across one of its 6 million homes, yurts, tree houses, boats and more
  • Valued at $31 billion…Since 2016, Airbnb has tripled sales, while larger hotel chains have observed sales growth of just 11 percent.
  • Airbnb has shared that its hosts have earned $65 billion from renting out space on the platform. That number is expected to swell, quickly, as Airbnb says it saw 152 percent growth in the number of rooms available on its platform.

3. This esports franchise is getting a $50 million arena alongside Philadelphia’s NBA, NFL and MLB teams

  • Comcast wants to build the arena to house the Philadelphia Fusion, the team they built to compete in the Overwatch League
  • new venue, Fusion Arena, will span 60,000 square feet and seat up to 35000 guests
  • Fusion Arena will be directly ajacent to the Xfinity Live! complex and will sit between the Philadelphia’s MLB, NBA, and NFL stadiums

4. AI In Retail: How Tech Is Changing The Customer Experience

  • new era of retail will undoubtedly be a melding of physical and digital, as shoppers now take more of a blended, multichannel approach to making purchases
  • Using visual search, retailers can extract data and analyze it with user behavior to get detailed insights to improve customer experiences and drive conversions
  • By combining data from previous transactions with chatbots designed with accuracy as a key feature, it’s possible to do away with extraneous questions and save time for the customer while preventing frustration

5. 5 AI Trends Reshaping Healthcare Data

  • AI companies need medical experts to annotate images to teach algorithms how to identify anomalies
  • Apple is tackling data interoperability issues in healthcare by bringing on hundreds of health institutions and popular EHR vendors
  • Apple is building a healthcare ecosystem around its two most popular products: Apple Watch and iPhone