March 22 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By March 22, 2019 Insight

1.  Boston Consulting Group – The Most Innovative Companies 2019

  • Strong innovators are extending their edge over weaker rivals by embracing AI—in their products and services as well as in how they create them
  • also increasingly looking to platforms and ecosystems as a way to benefit from external data, ideas, and capabilities
  • In our survey, 55% of AI leaders extensively use external vendors for AI projects

2. 2030: The Future Of Influence

  • At some point, brand and talent will be able to incubate any product live via crowdsource recommendations from their fans.
  • Imagine a fashion designer appearing in your mirror to make specific clothing recommendations and even reacting to your opinions.
  • In the same way we talk to a virtual assistant, we will soon talk to talent directly through a phone, windshield or tablet.

3. The tougher competitors in emerging markets

  • Companies in developing economies are becoming battle hardened as they vie for growth and plug into advance
  • MGI recently looked at 71 emerging economies and identified 18 that consistently outperformed global benchmarks by achieving more than 3.5 percent per capita GDP growth over 50 years, or 5 percent growth over 20 years.
  • less than half (45 percent) of companies that reached the top quintile with respect to economic-profit generation between 2001 and 2005 were still there a decade later

4. 30 MOST READ Tech Stories of Q1, 2019

  • Top Software Development Trends in 2019
  • 3 Moments in History that Explain the ICO Bubble
  • Five Surprising Things in Lyft’s S-1

5. Alibaba to step up cloud computing expansion amid growing global demand

  • Alibaba Cloud not only provides infrastructure support to the entire Alibaba economy, but has also developed proven technologies to empower millions of customers in China and worldwide
  • It is China’s largest public cloud services provider, with a 43 per cent share in the first half of last year
  • The company was also the fourth biggest cloud services provider worldwide last year, behind AWS, Microsoft’s Azure business and Google Cloud