March 21 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By March 21, 2019 Insight

1.  Super fast travel using outer space could be $20 billion market, disrupting airlines, UBS predicts

  • high speed travel via outer space will represent an annual market of at least $20 billion and compete with long-distance airline flights. Space tourism will be a $3 billion market by 2030, UBS estimates.
  • UBS expects the broader space industry, which is worth about $400 billion today, will double to $805 billion by 2030 when accounting for these innovations.
  • Starship would be able to fly from New York to Shanghai in 39 minutes, rather than the 15 hours it takes currently by airplane.

2. Supercharging retail sales through geospatial analytics

  • using geospatial analytics allows a retailer to see its retail network as a complex system, rather than just individual locations or independent channels coexisting in a market.
  • Done right, the result of data-driven network optimization can be double-digit revenue growth.
  • Geospatial analysis reveals that the consistency and magnitude of cross-channel effects vary significantly across channel types and markets.

3. Corporate Biotech Venture Funding Rises Again

  • Altogether, 2018 rounds with a corporate backer were valued at $8 billion, including contributions from all investors. That’s up from $4.2 billion in 2017.
  • For 2018, we saw corporate bio investors leading a larger number of deals, with a much larger aggregate value than prior years.
  • The largest was a $300 million late-stage round for personal genetic testing provider 23andMe, led by GlaxoSmithKline.

4. Tokenising All Of The World

  • We have technology emerging now which enables us to quantify, divide and trade in tokens of real-world assets, on an immutable and censorship-resistant public ledger.
  • the key challenge for any system that involves tokenizing real-world assets is to ensure that the digital token stays directly connected to the real-world asset.
  • Decentralized ledgers redefine sharing, so the very concept of ownership is going to need a shake-up.

5. CoinMarketCap Launches Crypto Indices on Nasdaq, Bloomberg, Others

  • the indices will cover the top 200 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, one including Bitcoin (BTC) and one without it.
  • access to CoinMarketCap’s data grants them the ability to develop custom indices for customers.
  • in mid-February, Nasdaq launched two new indices tracking the “spot or reference rate for the price” of Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH).