March 20 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By March 20, 2019 Insight

1.  5G & The Future Of Connectivity: 20 Industries The Tech Could Transform

  • Samsung and AT&T have partnered to create the United States’ first manufacturing-focused 5G “Innovation Zone” in Austin, Texas.
  • Over the next decade, the global media industry stands to gain a staggering $765B in cumulative revenues from new services and applications enabled by 5G technology
  • As 5G ushers in a new era of autonomous and driverless vehicles, real-time data and reports could be instantly sent to car insurance companies following a customer’s accident.

2. Toyota doubles down on Nvidia tech for self-driving cars

  • Toyota will use Nvidia’s platform for training deep neural networks, testing, validation and eventual deployment for its cars.
  • Toyota is the first customer to use Constellation, a cloud-based platform that enables autonomous-vehicle developers to test their technology in the virtual world.
  • Toyota intends to eventually deploy fully autonomous cars that would serve elderly and disabled people under its so-called Chauffeur system.

3. Digital Myth No. 5 — Every Tech Vendor Is An Expert In Digital Transformation

  • what happens when everyone’s customer journeys are optimized and when all digital experiences begin to look similar?
  • your firm must apply disruptive design thinking to your business strategy, embracing the art of the possible to reshape the business around customer outcomes.
  • By embracing emerging technologies and using them to change the way your firm delivers these outcomes, you can disrupt the equilibrium.

4. Fortune 500 Tech Firm Avnet Now Accepts Crypto Payments via BitPay

  • one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components and services, is now accepting cryptocurrency payments through a partnership with blockchain payments processor BitPay.
  • Cryptocurrency payments can reduce the “time, cost and complexities of bringing products to market
  • it has already closed “several multi-million-dollar” cryptocurrency transactions within the first month of accepting cryptocurrency payments

5. 85+ startups that launched at YC’s W19 Demo Day 1

  • In Latin America, signing documents requires tedious identity verifications. With Keynua you record a short video to verbally agree to a document, and they use existing records to verify your identity.
  • There are 65 million students in Africa attending private schools, but tuition payments can be a major pain point for parents…Schoolable is creating an invoicing app that helps ensure parents make payments on time
  • A bespoke launch system meant specifically for carrying small satellites into orbit. A balloon carries rocket to 35km and launches it mid-air. They have Letters of Intent for 155 satellite launches, worth a total of roughly $77 million.