March 15 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By March 15, 2019 Insight

1.  SoftBank-backed Nuro launches autonomous grocery delivery service in Houston

  • On the heels of its massive $940 million funding from the SoftBank Vision Fund, Nuro is launching in its second market.
  • Now, Nuro is expanding its partnership with grocer Kroger to launch in Houston, Texas.
  • Nuro’s long-term vision is to use its self-driving technology in the last mile for the delivery of local goods and services.

2. Facial Recognition Software Could Turn You Into a Ticket to Ride

  • the Futian subway station in Shenzen…located in a bustling city of 12.53 million residents, is testing facial recognition payments
  • Every time a commuter looks at a small tablet, it recognizes their face, and deducts their fare from a previously-linked payment method.
  • While mobile payments are slowly catching on in the United States, they’re incredibly common in China.

3. IBM Scores Nationwide Blockchain Deal With France’s Commercial Court Clerks

  • goal is to allow clerks in commercial courts who maintain the country’s Register of Commerce and Companies do their job better and faster
  • While enhancing the speed and transparency of the system, the technology can also make the French Commercial and Corporate Registry a technological leader in the European Union
  • “Blockchain’s qualities are ideal for this use, improving the clerks’ business processes and adapting to the ever-changing nature of their missions.”

4. The Definitive 2019 Guide to Cryptographic Key Sizes and Algorithm Recommendations

  • In practical terms, beyond a certain threshold (e.g. the 96-bit security level for symmetric encryption), a larger number of possible keys buys you almost nothing.
  • There are many scenarios in which focusing entirely on key size hurts the overall security of a system
  • Focusing entirely on key size, while ignoring other important properties of these algorithms, can lead to making sub-optimal security decisions.

5. Seven tips for identifying and managing IIoT deployment costs

  • Managing the costs of IIoT deployment is a concern in many organizations because there is so little empirical knowledge about cost to deploy.
  • if larger enterprises want their trading partners to use the IIoT, there might be cash outlays needed to assist (and help fund) the smaller trading partners so they can meet enterprise IIoT requirements for doing business.
  • a reserve fund of 20% of your IIoT budget should be set aside for any costs that occur that you couldn’t anticipate.