June 6 – 5 Key Stories From The Digital World

By June 6, 2019 Insight

1. A record $117 billion in fintech deals have been done this year as cashless payments soar in popularity

  • Eighty-seven deals have totaled a record year-to-date value of $116.6 billion, a four-fold increase from the $31.8 billion through the same time last year
  • technological innovation is causing intensifying consolidation in the electronic payment services market, while the acquisition of data on customer’s purchasing and behavior trends further drives fintech acquisitions
  • driven by three large US-based fintech transactions this year — Fidelity National Information Services’ $43.3 billion acquisition of Worldpay in March, Fiserv’s buying First Data in January for $39.4 billion, and Global Payments’ $26.2 billion purchase of Total System Services

2. Amazon’s new Prime Air drone promises to deliver packages in under 30 minutes

  • Amazon aims to fulfill orders within 30 minutes for shoppers within 7.5 miles of some of its hundreds of warehouses around the world
  • Packages will be carried in a square-shaped pod in the center; the drone’s designed to come within a foot or two of the ground and drop the package in a marked spot
  • Amazon’s drone — the latest of over a 50,000 iterations tested in simulation — is capable of vertical takeoffs and landings, and it’s able to carry parcels weighing as much as five pounds, which covers 75% to 90% of packages Amazon ships to customers today

3. MIT’s robot boats can self-assemble to build bridges, stages or even markets

  • envisions a fleet of these being able to join up to form on-demand urban infrastructure, including stages for concerts, walking bridges or even entire outdoor markets
  • roboats would of course be able to act as autonomous water taxis and ferries, which could be particular useful in a setting like Amsterdam
  • New tests focused on a a custom latching system, which a very high degree of precision, that can connect to specific points with millimetre accuracy, using a trial and error algorithm-based autonomous programming

4. Winning with a data-driven strategy

  • despite the widespread understanding of data’s critical role in companies’ strategic agenda, the gap between the insights that are needed by a business and those that are actually accessible has not closed in the past decade
  • For data to be transformational, it needs to be business-critical, from the top to the bottom of the organization
  • The right insights then need to be readily accessible, interpretable, and actionable at the point of need — a situation enabled by technology and a culture of making data easily available

5. Kodak Reveals New Blockchain-Based Document Management System

  • Kodak Services for Business unveiled a blockchain-based document management platform
  • company says the technology enables businesses and governments to better manage sensitive documents and keep them secure — automating workflows and archiving to ensure records can be accessed in real time
  • According to Kodak, this system can help organizations achieve cost savings of up to 40% by improving productivity and preventing the loss of information